Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

I had fun on Halloween! This is one of those little blessings because I usually don't like Halloween and I don't consider it a holiday at all. I've always allowed my boys to dress up because I don't want to spoil any fun they may have so I just suffer quietly each year. This year my youngest, Adam (5) was Indiana Jones. He looked so cool! The best part about his costume is it all came out of his closet with the exception of the whip. (Another blessing!) My oldest, Michael (11) created his own costume. I've never allowed him to be something scary (which is why I hate Halloween to begin with) so he was the "Smiling Reaper". I am very proud of his creativity and his staying in line with my wishes.

We visited our families, ate at Burger King (and I didn't even check the cal content of that huge mushroom and swiss burger!) acted silly and just had a great time in general. Plus no arguing from the boys! (Big blessing!) We came home, watched a movie and all agreed it was the best Halloween we ever had!

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mattscraftywife said...

YAY You got a blog! woohoo!!

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