Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yesterday was just a really good day. One of my co-workers brought in coffee and she makes the best coffee! What a nice start to a busy day, I thought. The office went smoothly which is a miracle right there. But the best blessing was laughter. I love to hear my boys laugh! My oldest son is a jokester so it is very hard to get anything over on him. But I somehow managed to pull off two jokes (well, really just witty comments) on him in about a 2 minute time frame. We laughed hysterically!! What fun! Then my youngest son snuck up on me when we arrived to pick him up and we laughed even more!

Isn't laughter just a wonderful blessing from God? When we laugh we forget about the hard times, the worries that bog us down every day and we just enjoy a moment of pure joy. There are all kinds of medical reasons why laughter is good for us but I think the most important reason why it is good to laugh is the way it makes our hearts feel--light, happy and free. Laughter is a soothing balm in an unfriendly world, the healing our troubled souls need.

So maybe laughter isn't just a little blessing but a big one!

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