Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday's Thought

Common courtsey. That is the thought for the day!

Today I was at a busy intersection and let a big truck out before making my turn. The driver waved and went on. No big deal. I pulled into the parking lot, picked up lunch for the office and hit the road again. Only to be stopped by a huge (OK, maybe not huge but at least 6 cars) line of traffic that I would now have to wait for in order to make a left handed turn. Amazingly, the third car stops, waves me on and lets me cross!! WOW!! How cool is that?!

And how often does in actually happen in the "me" oriented society?

This got me to thinking. In this super-charged, hurry-up-and-get-things-done world common courtsey needs to make a come back in a big way.

So, during this holiday season when everyone can get so concerned with marking off the items on their to-do list I am going to make a concentrated effort to be more courteous to others. Not that it takes that much. For instance, while waiting in line with a grocery cart brimming over I notice the lady behind me has three items so I will let her get in line ahead of me. I will let others have the right of way on the road. I will smile at the cashier and thank him/her before leaving. I will wish the waiter/waitress at the next restaurant I go to a "Happy Thanksgiving". I will say "Merry Christmas" to everyone this year! I will not rush by the elderly lady in the grocery store but will stop and ask if she needs help reaching that item on the top shelf. You get the idea...there are hundreds of things to show courtsey to others on a daily basis!

In this way I will show my children exactly what "good will toward men" means.


mattscraftywife said...

Very sweet post today! I love that idea. Random acts of kindness :)

Amberleigh said...

Very very inspriring. I often wonder what the point of doing stuff for others is because most likely they will not appreciate it. But this is a good reason. Like I said, Inspiring.

Andrea said...

We try to set the same example here in the Richmond, Va. area, but unfortunately not many folks are catching on.

The Muse said...

Wonderful...yes a little ray of niceness, can become a sunbeam!