Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Blessing of a Broken Christmas Tree

OK, I'm sure you are thinking that the word 'blessing' and 'broken' do not belong in the same senetence! But in this case they truly do. Here's the story... We finally get our tree up on Saturday. It was alot of fun and the boys enjoyed it more than ever before! Great memories on that night! On Monday night I go to plug the tree in so I can take a picture of Michael all dressed up for his Christmas band concert and the tree falls over!! My hubby helps me pick it up and get it to stand back up and it seemed fine...until a couple days later it falls over again!

Last night my handy man hubby tries to repair the stand but nothing would fix it. I had already decided to go get a table top tree and wait until after Christmas to get a new tree since it would be an unexpected expense. During the repair process one of his buddies calls and Mike tells him about the tree. Darrell tells Mike that he and his wife bought a new tree this year since their old one was too big for the living room in their new house and he'd be glad to let us have it!

How is all this a blessing? My mother in law is on a fixed income and limited storage space. She cannot find all the pieces to her tree. However, she does have a good stand! We both had the same tree so our former tree can now become her new tree with the use of her stand. How cool is that?!

Isn't it awesome to know that our God truly cares for even the smallest thing in our lives? He knew that my mother in law would have this problem and saw a way to fix it so that our whole family could be blessed!!

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Jo-Jo said...

Wow! That is great! We got ourselves a new tree last year and Paul fell into it about a week back. I just about died! A few branches got smashed but we just put them in the back! Hope you guys have a merry Christmas!