Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 was awesome! It will go down in history as the one with the best turkey ever! (Not kidding!) My hubby smoked it again this year but wrapped it in foil this time. It turned out lovely and with an excellent smoky flavor. I made turkey salad with the leftovers and there is barely any left! The boys enjoyed their extra drumsticks as well...I think they are all gone.

With Thanksgiving over with does this mean we have to stop being thankful? Does it mean we should not concentrate on our blessings the rest of the year? NO!! We should always remain thankful for all the Lord has provided to each of us. So many people do indeed act like Thanksgiving day is the only day of the year to truly be thankful. This year, let us all make a point to be thankful every day for our blessings. And let's remember to talk about our blessings to others. Who knows...maybe it will be contagious!

Here are a few pics our my biggest blessings...my two precious boys--Michael (11) and Adam (5)--playing football!

Here they are again on one of our many walks through the campground. So sweet to see them like this! By the way, how do you guys like Adam's spikey do?

And here is the love of my life working hard to prepare us a delicious smoked turkey!
Hope you all had a truly blessed Thanksgiving!


Charsbeads4u said...

What sweet boys you have! I'll be they really enjoy camping! =)
They are in my prayers!
Take care!

mattscraftywife said...

You know I love seeing the pics of the boys (and YOU!) I'm so glad you had a great time camping!

Amberleigh said...

Sounds as if your thanksgiving was awesome. Camping? I love camping. We haven't been in a while. Your boys are adorable. They remind me of a freind's younger brothers. People are very often selfish and stuck up where I live and very very seldom thankful. I don't know what it is. There is no such thing as too much thankfulness and I think that the least we can do is thank God for every thing He has given us. He has given us so much.

The Muse said...

What a happy and blessed post, I treasure lingering here... I am most joyous to see the family smiling.