Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fresh Start

Hello all! You will notice some changes to my blog....a new title and description for starters. I've changed them because I want others to particiapte with me. I want to provide a place to discuss issues and encourage one another. These past few months have been a very difficult time for my family. But we have learned--and are still learning--how to find positive solutions to life situations.

One challenge we have faced recently has been finding out that our 6 year old is lactose intolerant. At first, the only solution I could find was giving him Lactaid chewables, changing his milk to Lactaid brand and limiting what he ate. We live in a small area and there are very few products out there for special diets. But after much research and finding a great blog and some helpful posters ( ) I have learned there are other ways to handle it. There are websites that sale drops that can be added to regular milk (and other dairy products) to make it lactose intolerant friendly. Plus, thanks to Jenny, I have learned how to read dairy product labels to know if it is lactose free. So far I have found Kraft Natural cheese shreds (all varieties) and Kraft 2% Sharp Cheddar have NO lactose!! For the first time in weeks Adam got to enjoy nachos last night with no problems. I have also found WalMart and Kroger have their own brands of lactose free milk, which is at least a dollar cheaper per half gallon. Soy milk runs about the same price which is another choice. Thanks to Courtney at Food City, I found soy ice cream products.

Another very difficult challenge has been my husband getting laid off from his job. Technically the business closed. We could have freaked out, screamed and cried. But how would that help? Instead we prayed. We prayed and put our trust in God. Then we decided to make the best of it. Yes, Mike was active in his job search but he did not let it overwhelm him. He went to Adam's fun day at school. He picked up our 12 year old son from school on his last day driving his 1969 Chevelle SS. This past week he got caught up on all the yard work he is responsible for (our properties plus his mother's) and taught Michael how to use a weed eater. The two of them worked and learned together. They would pick up Adam in the afternoons and play. A couple nights they even cooked dinner and had it ready for me when I got home from work. During this week, Mike also had 5 job offers. He looked at all the pros and cons and decided to return to Cole Chevrolet. He starts on Monday.

I have found that trusting in God and seeking the help of others that positive solutions can be found to even the biggest challenges!!

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