Thursday, December 4, 2008

Unexpected Kindness From a Five Year Old

Have you ever noticed how selfish kids can be? And I don't just mean eat the last cookie kind of selfish either. I mean the total self absorbed way of thinking, that the entire world revolves around them. Mom's sick but hey, somebody's got to do the laundry because I have to have my ACDC hoodie kind of selfish. Yeah Dad, I know it's 9 pm and you just got home and haven't had dinner yet but can I have the leftovers anyway kind of selfish. But after all, they are just kids and will eventually grow out of it--eventually.

Last night I had the privildge of receiving a wonderful blessing from my five year old. Adam, the youngest has been sick with a stomach virus for 3 days. He has wanted me by his side every moment--including in the bathroom at 3 am! Poor baby! Yesterday evening he finally started feeling a bit better. I told him to get his clean jammies and I'd give him a bath so off he goes to his bedroom. He comes back grinning from ear to ear, obviously very pleased with himself. He grabs me by the hand and says, "Mom, let me show you how nice I am." He leads me to my bedroom where he has turned on my lamp and the matress pad heater. Plus he had put my little pillow back on the bed--I had let him use it on the couch because he was feeling so bad. \

It was as if he was thanking me for taking such good care of him during his illness. He was so happy to do something for me. His small act of kindess truly touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. And gave me hope that maybe I'm doing something right after all!


The Muse said...

Children are always learning, watching...observing and absorbing! I dare say it is from you he has learned his kindness.

Candance said...

What a sweet thing to say! Thanks!!

LindaCCC said...

Wow! That made me cry. I wish I could say the same. I must be doing something wrong. I can't picture my 8 yr. old son doing that for me.

Tracy said...

First time visitor but I wanted to leave a comment and say what a sweet little guy you are blessed with-but I bet you already know that. Kids surprise us as parents when we least expect it!