Sunday, February 15, 2009

Night of Blessings

A few days ago we had a crazy rainstorm with extremely high winds which is very unusual for our area. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about this when we all got home from work because my husband greeted me with the news that the outdoor water spiket was leaking and he had to fix it while it was warm. It had been in the teens but was in the 50's that day. To make the necessary repair the water to the entire house had to be shut off. Thinking ahead, we drew the water for our youngest son's bath and ran enough water in the kitchen for me to finish dinner. By 7 o'clock, Adam had gotten a nice warm bath and was in a sweet playful mood, dinner was over and the mess cleaned up. My two Michaels were finishing up the outdoor repair. All was going smoothly for a change!

Suddenly, at 7:22 the lights filckered once and went out less than a minute later. Thankfully, I keep candles out all over the house so all I had to do was convince Adam that he just needed to hold Mommy's hand and I'd take care of him. We soon had several candles burning when Michael came in with a flashlight. We found another flaslight for Adam which calmed him considerably. Mike came in with his own flashlight and we soon had a nice, cozy glow in the living room. I settled Adam on the couch with me and read several stories from his Bible storybook while Michael took a warm shower (we have gas hot water) by candle light. Soon Adam was snuggled up by my side, giggling and calm. He even stated it was just like camping, just in a bigger "camper".

As I look back over that night it is so clear to see God's hand of protection upon my children. He knew Adam would NOT have taken a shower by candle light and that Michael would have thought it was cool. He knew what to do to help me to calm them and help them feel safe and cozy. He knew how to turn what could have been a negative into a positive. Actually, it was the most relaxing evening we had all week!

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LindaCCC said...

I remember those nights where the lights are out and trying to remain calm so as my nervousness wouldn't upset my baby.