Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My weigh in was last night and I am down another 1.5 pounds! Which means I am only 10.5 pounds away from GOAL!!!!! I am SO excited!

The past few weeks have been a struggle for me. After working really hard for a week and not losing that week I kind of got discouraged. The next week I didn't work out much and ended up not be able to go to weigh in. Not because I was trying to avoid the scale but due to circumstances beyond my control...see previous post. So this week was going to be a rush to make weigh in but I knew I had to do it. I honestly wasn't sure how I had done this past week. My husband had gotten sick with a bad stomach virus, we were still adjusting to the boys being back in school, I had long work days and then next thing I know I had caught the evil stomach virus as well. Friday and Saturday I pretty much spent on the couch or in the recliner napping and nibbling on crackers and ginger snaps while sipping on ginger ale. I was worried about the amounts of sodium in the crackers and soda. Sunday I was able to get up and do a few things but wasn't able to eat much.

Anyway, my 13 year old plays in the middle school band and they had a game last night! Gasp! On Monday! For the past two years, all games have been on Thursday! One reason I choose to attend Monday meetings. I actually got off close to on time, went to pick up my 7 year old, ran by the house and picked up my husband and then stopped off at WI on our way to the game. After the news that I had lost 1.5 pounds, it was so worth all the rushing around!

All evening I kept thinking, "Only 10.5 to go!" This is exactly the news I needed to give me a little extra motivation to work a bit harder. I am going to continue to focus on natural, filling foods and protein. I will continue with my workouts and increase the intensity.

I have a little challenge with myself to reach my goal in 10 weeks. But it won’t kill me if I don’t because I know I am the healthiest I’ve been in a very long time and all the work I’m doing is only going to keep me healthy! Not to mention, looking pretty good!

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