Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reason to be Thankful

My 13 year old son, Michael was in an accident yesterday. First, let me say he is fine. But it could have turned out so differently! Let me explain...Michael was with his 18 year old cousin, Brandon, helping him mow grass at a family friend's house. Brandon's truck and trailer w/ his riding lawn mower on it was parked on the side of the road (a good six feet wide spot)and Michael had went up to the truck to get his pop out. For some reason he stopped and leaned against the guardrail about 3 feet away from the truck. A lady lost control of her car about 10 feet up the road and slid off the road and into the trailer which was pushed about 6 feet downward and almost 3 feet to the side. The trailer hit Michael's leg but he only has some bruising. The car went airborne and spun around a couple times before landing, facing the opposite direction that she was driving. Her car is totaled. It hit the ground so hard that two of the wheels and tires popped off! The trailer is all warped up, the truck is damamged. The truck was pushed into the friends SUV and it has a busted bumper and tail light and it seems to be warped as well...the doors aren't shutting well. I'm telling you guys...another couple inches and the corner of the trailer would have been pushed into Michael's leg and crushed it against the guardrail. It could have ended really, really badly.

But, Praise God, He was watching over my boy! He was shaken up a bit but he KNOWS that God was watching over him! Brandon was really freaking out because, at first, he couldn't see Michael. It took Brandon about 3 hours to calm down. He kept saying to me that it wasn't his fault and for us not to be mad at him. And I kept telling him that we were not mad at him and we were just as concerned about him as we were Michael. Rough day. But I am still so thankful the boys are fine! Such an awesome answer to my daily prayer to keep my family safe!

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